About me

The world of advertising film production, radio programming, music management and mainstream TV broadcast launch, has been known to me – both as a consumer, and as a professional.

Pixels x pixel is a body of my work and an appreciation of work that I see.

I believe you’re very good if you understood what your consumer and client wanted. You’re the best if you could push the envelope a wee bit more. You’re superlative, bordering on super human actually, if you could get your client and consumer to buy what you set out to sell without an iota of a change.

This is my 2 bit : iWatch. iLearn. iDeliver. (Plagiarism intended, but I am an Appletard WTD)

With such varied work behind me in the area of film and communication across all mediums, as a creative function and otherwise, I have learnt a lot and have helped people learn alongside. Here, I share just that.

As an appreciator, my pages will be of some interest to my peers who have lead a similar professional life. They will be of interest to inquisitive students and professionals, in and outside of the media and communication business.

Or, these pages should just enable people to smile a bit at the kernels I remember and narrate, because from where I come – words, phrases, visuals, art, colour, layouts, details get stuck for no rhyme.

I am a self proclaimed ‘phrase and turn of phrase addict’ and love to mess with grammar across all shapes and sizes of languages and scripts. My aural, vocal, musical, visual and sometimes olfactory senses also take over my long and short form – whether on a project or helping someone through one!

Enjoy. Connect with feedback at will. Do expect a reply (*conditions etc.)