In between : a verse

I am trying to find a word
that defines what lies between
the slats of time
forcing me to find it in unfinished
memories fading to black

recall stares at me
as though I had stolen
from its list of ‘to do away with’

am running short of moments
where I can rest my sepia collection
of what was once high color

perfect and combed snatches
with people I don’t see now
and most likely
never will.



So one of the advantages of just walking into a restaurant that your bestie recommended just an hour ago, is the whole business of being unassuming and un-assumed. I don’t think there is a word yet like ‘un-assumed’ but then do I look as if I care?

In which case – do allow the pictures that my new iPhone 6s took while I spoke nineteen to a dozen to the chef who was startled with me wanting to take pictures, thought I was press – not that I wasn’t pressed for time (haha) – and insisted that I try things at the table, when I requested him to deliver instead since all the prior plans had got frazzled inside my unwired head.

Kapil Ghorpade

calling card
calling card
The Flap Jack - Classic - made fresh
The Flap Jack – Classic – made fresh
IMG_0548 (3)
The Place called FOODGASM
Kapil the Chef @foodgasm
Kapil the Chef @foodgasm
a welcome drink called kokum cooler

IMG_0541 IMG_0540 IMG_0539

Menu Cards
Menu Cards
IMG_0544 (1)
Menu card
IMG_0543 (1)
Menu card

What I couldn’t shoot was the Quinoa Chicken broccoli Biryani – that was also really well done though a bit high on chillies – but then the beauty of the place is that you’re meant to get specific without a worry if people thought you were # Sir Jack Nicholson’ from #As good as it Gets”.

You can be as demanding of Kapil as you want, he will just keep rising to the occasion. #foodgasm # bandra west #woodentables #ambience #call for food tonight #destined.