In between : a verse

I am trying to find a word
that defines what lies between
the slats of time
forcing me to find it in unfinished
memories fading to black

recall stares at me
as though I had stolen
from its list of ‘to do away with’

am running short of moments
where I can rest my sepia collection
of what was once high color

perfect and combed snatches
with people I don’t see now
and most likely
never will.

Food Perfect at 12

Food Perfect at 12

The big Indian epidemic we all suffer from is called “elderitis”. We, the utmost liberal, (or so we think) have the biggest problem with adjusting to new found youth. So today my piece is about a young person I know called Srishti Dhurandar.

Srishti in Sanskrit stands for “The Universe”- in this case a twelve years old’s universe that comprises of football, golf, school, graduation dinners, outdoors, trekking, skiing and coming to India to take an auto ride and sit in a tricycle rickshaw. Going on thirteen – to be chronological about it,  in reality Srishti could easily be a mature 21 years old, with the confidence of a young lady, ready to take on the world.

Quite the cat that she is, the outward elements she misses are whiskers and a tail. Athletic and totally graceful as any athletic young lady – she has the incredible talent to be a fence sitter. One that balances with ease, a personality that can be found at home in a hard core “desi” environment, where touching feet and rising when an elder arrives, to being equally comfortable discussing weight training as an avid golfer, and outdoors lover, as well  as turning into a mistress of spices at home in New Jersey.

A nutrition class in grade 7, turns her into a  chef, who can chop, drain, sauté and flip with requisite élan of a sous chef. A well spent hour in the kitchen later, what you get is a nutritious and good looking meal which just ain’t meant to taste good but look beautiful as well.


Seriously – what are the kids made of these days? Power puff material? Oops – shouldn’t call her that anymore, my blunder!! Meet Srishti Dhurandar – the young lady from Manhattan.



TASTER & CRITIC – younger sibling Aalok
‘err i don’t think this is good enough’