What NOT to do vis-a vis WHAT to do | My radio learnings

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More often, we as people and specially as new people in any industry, have this instinct to latch on to something that is familiar popular in our environment, and blindly follow suit. This piece here is a comment on what my personal experience, as a senior corporate identity, noticed and observed.

I not just acknowledge the presence of cliques & closed groups that rarely allow people in, but also condone it to a large degree. I believe that this tendency, can only harm and affect the functioning of any large media or any organisation for that matter. And to take this thought forward many instances crop up in my mind which I would rather not define for confidentiality sake.

However, there is one incident that has left an indelible mark on me. I was at a large corporate office and meeting a whole bunch of their young Radio Jockeys, who I was meant to train on length of what they say, how a story should be looked at, and how improv is an art that needs to be acquired.

Among these young people was a person, who’s simplicity and plain existence stood out though not in the ‘sore thumb’ way. Since she came from a vernacular medium, her grasp on the local scenario and regional understanding was priceless. She added so much to the breakfast show, by keeping perspective in check a for a PD like me.

A few days later, I realised, she had been packed off to a smaller town, which not just injured the breakfast show but also affected her career. All this because ‘she was not smart looking’, so possibly did not fit well in the larger scheme of things.

I think slightly differently. For radio to get locally popular, in the true sense of the word, a large part of the content team needs to be from the local, region friendly, and vocal space. As a writer, who uses English as her first language, my drawback on local language was so well complimented by people like her. And losing her to something as inane as ‘not smart’ was off putting and tedious.

As a sign off to this piece it is important for me to say that people who look good may just be that and no more. People who don’t turn out well could actually be the real bright sparks. But then, that isn’t a guarantee either. The WHAT NOT TO DO stems from here : Its like comparing apples to oranges to find similarities between polar opposites – temperaments and backgrounds. We might as well stop right there.